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"Freedom and the greatness of America can only be maintained by the re-election of Donald Trump" – Paul REEN


Моя оцінка корисності цієї статті: 
4 - Дуже важливо

The 2020 US presidential election is approaching, and nearly one million Ukrainian-born American voters are doubly affected. Due to the repeated judgments "Trump - vulgar, liar, misogynist, homophobic, racist, go to war"... often hiding quality information, I interviewed Paul REEN, president of the Republicans in France, to hear the Altera pars. 

Zirka Witochynska : First of all, Paul REEN, how do you respond to these judgments?

Paul Reen : Typical Democrat slander and smear tactics. The Democrats are always guilty of what they accuse Republicans of, we call this “projection”. They are the ones that are intolerant and nasty but they accuse Republicans of this and even worse behavior. You know they have lost the intellectual argument as soon as they resort to personal attacks and name calling, because they have nothing else. In 2015/2016 Hillary Clinton lowered the decorum of rhetoric when she called Republicans “deplorable” and “irredeemable”  which is even a more serious slander for Christians. When the left wing media covered for her after she called  Republicans every word in the book – racist, homophobe, islamophobe, xenophobe, misogynists,white supremacists, etc, the Democrats realized they could get away with it so they never stopped. They have no decency, It’s what’s dividing and destroying America today.

Z.W. Describe to us, please, the economic situation in your country: employment, income, taxes, tax evasion, business creation.

P.R. COVID temporarily hurt the US economy causing over 20M Americans to lose their jobs but the economy has already regained 50% of the lost jobs and is actually on it’s way to the fastest recovery in the history of the USA. 

This is completely thanks to Donald Trump and his push to re-open the economy while Democrats want to keep it closed. Plus, because the economy was so strong before COVID, that many of the jobs are easy to refill once the shutdowns end. Democrats hate to talk about a quick recovery, they love that the US is in an economic recession.
They think that they can simply blame this on Trump and use it to their political advantage to win in November. The American people are smarter than the Democrats think and do not trust the Democrats to rebuild the economy like Trump can.

Z.W. Is it true that some states, led by Republican governors, are economically ahead of the democratic governors? If applicable, how do you explain it?

P.R. That’s what the studies show so I trust it. It makes sense. There are essentially two reasons:

  1.  How the Democrat Mayors and Governors handled COVID. The Democrats, running the Blue States, have been using COVID as a political weapon against Trump and have been happy to shut down their economies and blame all the problems on Trump.. So logically, their economic situations will be worse. They shut down earlier and longer, but at the same time they have been having devastating riots for over 6 months, adding to economic issues – the riots have been burning down businesses in the city centers (SMB, small and medium businesses) that are typically owned by blacks and other minorities. Idiot ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter have been destroying their own livelihoods and the Democrat City Mayors and State Governors have been sitting back letting it happen because they all believe it is “ a good cause”. (Now they are demanding a huge 4th “COVID“ aid package that has little to do with helping COVID victims and everything to do with having ALL US taxpayers pay to rebuild their cities that their constituents destroyed. This is why the COVID 4th package has been stalled for months, Democrats don’t want to give Trump “victory” before the election, so have kept their emands ridiculously high (started at $3.5T to Republicans initial offer of $500B). Republicans have been willing to move up to $1.8T but Democrats still won’t agree. They will risk the livelihoods of Americans to try and blame it on Trump. 
  2. The poor economic situation the Blue States were in before COVID Democrat cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit... have been in fiscal trouble for many years. They poorly budget for all the welfare programs that they have and routinely are in debt. They don’t implement conservative policies like lower taxes (revenue, homeowners, sales tax, etc) to put more money in the people's pockets and stimulate economic prosperity. They are constantly looking for more Federal financial assistance that doesn’t help growth.

Z.W. What is the difference between Obama's Medicare health measure and the reform of the social security system proposed by President Trump?

P.R. Obama care was based on Government mandated insurance packages for everyone and penalized, through a huge tax, anyone who continued to choose not to buy insurance. It helped a small number of low income Americans gain access to health care, but drastically increased the premiums on the vast majority of the rest of Americans. No one is happy with Obamacare. Obama and Biden lied to the American people that “if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor”, “if you liked your insurance coverage, you could keep it”, that it was “affordable” and wouldn’t raise your taxes. All these turned out to be lies and false promises.

Trump tried to “repeal and replace” but was shut down by John McCain's vote, before his death. McCain became an instant hero to the Democrats, so Trump has not been able to repeal and replace Obamacare during his first term.It is currently the law of the land.

But he has been slowly dismantling it and implementing many pragmatic, separate initiatives to lower the cost for Americans. He got rid of the individual mandate forcing everyone to buy insurance or get taxed by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). But he couldn’t lower the premiums. So he has been striking deals to lower costs of prescription drugs for example.

He allowed generic drugs to be sold by Pharmacies and most recently allowed States to buy Prescription drugs (Px drugs) from foreign countries at much lower prices (starting with Canada). These additional choices should put pressure on Pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices of standard Prescription drugs. Plus, he worked on overhauling and improving the Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare plans for Veterans, who were dying by the hundreds of thousands under Biden and Obama just waiting in line for treatment. Veterans are required to use Va hospitals for their free coverage but the VA hospitals are overcrowded. Trump gave them CHOICE so that they could go to other hospitals for treatment and still NOT PAY, this has solved thousands of lives.
All of these examples are the advantages of free market enterprise vs State run healthcare. Free market gives you choices, creates competition, spurring innovation and lowering costs – WHILE MAINTAINING HIGH QUALITY. Obamacare and the new Democrat “Medicare for all” program do the opposite – they are state run healthcare programs that will not work in the USA – they are too costly, will put the STATE in between the doctor and the patient for critical life and death decisions (like surgery), will eliminate choice and hurt quality.
Republicans cannot introduce a health care plan until Obamacare is repealed (hopefully, on November, 10th) by SCOTUS - Supreme Court of the US; at which time, they will unveil a Plan that will include the pragmatic examples that Trump has already started to implement, plus add items like the ability to buy insurance across State lines, that will create more competition between insurance companies and lower premiums. 

Z.W. Covid-19: The United States is often placed at the top of the countries "affected by this virus". But what about patients who are tested or cured?

P.R. Yes, the US has the highest number of deaths, but also a low “case mortality rate” which is the rate of deaths versus the quantity of cases tested positive. The US is 2.7%, while France is 4% and the EU is 8.5%. In the US, the cases are high because we have created very fast and reliable testing and are testing many, many people, even in drive by areas similar to a drive in Mc Donald's. BUT the deaths, after a slight rise this summer, are actually leveling off 0 and decreasing. Because the US has many different therapeutics available now and is treating people quickly. The survival rate of people below the ages of 65 are 99%, the only people truly at risk are those that are aged AND already have comorbidities (heart disease, diabetes, etc). This is why Trump has been trying to tell people NOT to panic, that this is not as deadly, say as HIV, Aids, we can cure this, we can reopen the economy in a SAFE way, that the CURE (shutting down economy) must not be worse than the CAUSE! 

Z.W. Regarding the recent violence, committed in the United States of America, and his criticism of white supremacists, has there been an about-face by your president? After all, he needs the votes of the black community...

P.R. What do you mean by an ”about face” ? Trump has always been against white supremacists, KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and any form of racism. Trump has done more for the black community in 47 Months than Biden did in 47 years. For example, he has the following four major accomplishments:

  1. Lowest unemployment ever recorded.
  2. Criminal Justice Reform (reforming the terrible Biden crime bill of the 90s) – this lowered the sentences of prisoners who committed NON-VIOLENT crimes. Over 3000 prisoners have been affected to date, about 1/3rd have been released from prison already and the rest will be released soon. Over 90% are BLACK. This Reform is called the 1st Step – to reduce their sentences, and the 2nd step – to help them train and gain employment.
  3. Trump secured Permanent Financial aid for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). They get government funding every year, but must request it every year. Trump INCREASED the amount that they get over and above what OBAMA allowed, then he made it PERMANENT so that they didn’t have to ask every year. 
  4. Trump created Opportunity Zones, a system of tax incentives to encourage investors to invest in city centers' SMB (small and medium businesses) to help them grow and hire people.

This has not received any coverage by the media but has helped many minority owned small businesses grow. Typically Democrats receive about 98% of the Black vote. But Trump received 8% in 2016. He is expected to receive at least 16% in 2020, perhaps as high as 20%. Many blacks have realized that the Democrat party is only promises and no action. Obama did nothing for them, Trump is a man of action. BLEXIT is a movement in the US (inspired of course by BREXIT) of Blacks exiting the Democrat Party and moving to the Republican Party. This alone will make a huge impact on the election. Hispanics as well will be voting more for Trump. 

Z.W. As for the presidential election of November 2020, what are the stakes?

P.R. Everything is at stake. This is the most critical election in my lifetime. It is a contest between two Americas : 

  1. one from the extreme radical Left that believes the USA was never a good country, that we were built on slavery and white supremacism and that we have never made progress in racial unity. That basically the US is an unfair and unjust country and that it needs to be completely torn down and rebuilt in the image of far left socialist utopian ideology,
  2. versus the view from the right that American although not perfect, is a great country that provides the greatest freedom and opportunities in the world for ALL people of ALL backgrounds, colors, religions, sexual orientations, etc. We want to protect our Constitutional rights, especially FREE SPEECH which is under attack by the Left, religious liberties, right to bear arms, etc.

The left wing Democrats are completely coordinating with the mainstream media, big tech social media, academic professors, Hollywood, etc. to slander and censure the right wing voice. The left wing is intolerant and wants to CANCEL any opposing viewpoints. This is un-American, and Donald Trump is the only one standing in their way. This is why he MUST be re-elected. 

Z.W. I am thinking of the current estimates, but also of remote voting, the counting of votes...

P.R. Yes, this massive mail in voting is a disaster, there are many, many examples of fraud already, but the Left Wing coordinated mob denies them.
November, 3rd will tell whether there are legal battles on both sides to challenge the results of the election. Unless Trump wins in a landslide, I suspect there will be vote counting for days or weeks and legal challenges. This is the chaos the Democrats wanted to create. Don’t believe the polls that say Biden is winning. They are wrong.

Z.W. Let's move on, if you don't mind, to international issues. The various accusations made by his detractors: - Trump- "the hottie". What actions or treaties, initiated by President Trump, contribute to peace?

P.R. No new wars, troop withdrawal, helping allies like Israel, negotiating with adversaries and enemies through a position of strength. 4 new nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2021:
Removing the US from the horrible Iran “Nuclear” deal actually contributed to peace in that it prevented a nuclear arms race to start in the Middle East. This race would have started now as the sunset clause on the Iran deal would have been in just 5 years – 2025, at which time Iran could begin the development of highly enriched Uranium leading to weapons grade nuclear capability. Saudi Arabia would then begin the same development and of course Israel would start preparing for war as Iran has constantly and proudly claimed that “they will wipe Israel off the map". Trump has built up the US Military after Obama defunded it so that it was in a terrible position. This military buildup has been on display for all to see – Russia, China, North Korea, Middle East.

Although he frequently states that he hopes to never use it, it allows him to negotiate from a position of force. Trump has successfully adopted the Reagan Doctrine of “Peace through Strength”.
As you know – he sent military equipment into Ukraine (tank buster missiles) when Obama only sent blankets. Troop withdrawals from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. No new wars – Obama started the war in Libya without US Congressional approval! Actually, the President is not allowed to start a war without US Congressional approval. And then left without a plan to maintain peace, resulting in the September, 11th (2012) attack on the US Embassy, the killing of the US Ambassador and 3 Americans trying to save him. Trump destroyed ISIS in his first two years - after Obama never took them seriously -, thus saving countless MUSLIM lives as well as Christians men, women and children. The American military forces, under the command of Donald Trump, succeeded in killing Al Baghadi (the leader of ISIS) and Soleimani (the leader of the Iranian National Guard and Iran's International Terrorist Network). And what, in comparison, did Biden do ???  Nothing. 

Z.W. - Trump- "the-polluter"? I am thinking, for example, of his position on the Paris Climate Agreement "Cop-21"...

P.R. I think that it's great that Donald Trump removed the USA from the PARIS Climate Agreement. And let's not forget that he would not have been able to do that if Obama had bothered to get the approval of the US Congress to sign the Paris Agreement. A US President is required to get the Congressional agreement that affects such a large part of the US economy. Because Obama decided to sign it on his own, Trump did not need Congressional approval to exit the Agreement. More importantly, the Paris Agreement was an attack on the USA and the US economy. Obama agreed to unfair and unrealistic CO2 emission reductions of 30% BEFORE 2030, while the other two leading global emitters of CO2 - China and India - only had to commit to voluntary CO2 eductions AFTER 2030.

The economic costs of the Paris Agreement would have been imposed in two ways: 

  1. through extremely high carbon taxes on any energy companies using fossil fuels causing US taxes to increase and the price of energy in the US to increase, 
  2. through a Green Climate Fund (GCF) set up by the UN to generate $100 B annually from "rich" countries like the US, to send to "developing" countries in order to help them transform their economies to green technology. Of course, all this money was to be sent through the UN who would determine how it should be distributed and to which countries. In fact, right before Obama left Office in 2017, he gladly transferred $1B of US taxpayer money to the UN for this so-called Green Climate Fund.

The Donald Trump Administration estimated that the PARIS Climate Agreement would cost the US $3T and 6 millions of jobs and rightfully removed the US from this Agreement in order to help grow, not destroy the US economy. But this does not mean that the US does not care about the environment.

Thanks to Donald Trump's policies of investing in the development of Natural Gas (through fracking), the USA has actually been reducing their CO2 emissions. Primarily in what is called the "power emissions" which are the CO2 gases emitted during the generation of electricity or used in heating. The US has been steadily transferring from coal to natural gas for the US power industry. In 2019 alone, the US reduced its CO2 by 3% despite having left the Paris Agreement. Thanks to the clean-burning of natural gas, power emissions in the United States are the lowest they have been in 35 years. This reduction will continue to grow as the US transfers more and more to natural gas.

Joe Biden and the Democrats' plan has been to ban all use of fossil fuels including natural gas. Biden has backtracked on banning natural gas (fracking) just recently as he's realized that this is a losing proposition for the election.

But most people suspect he will try to phase out fracking if he is elected. Although it is important for the US to continue to develop renewable energy sources like wind and solar, it's critical NOT to ban fossil fuels and rely too much on green energy. Green energy is not yet efficient enough to generate enough electricity for the entire country. 

The State of California learned this the hard way. They have relied too much on wind and solar and have been running out of electricity, causing blackouts throughout Los Angeles and other major cities. The California governor, Gavin Newsom, has recently admitted to this fact and pledged to use more natural gas immediately.

Z.W. - Trump-the "pro-Russian traitor":

  • yet Trump has granted lethal weapons to Ukraine in its defense against the Russian war of aggression - weapons refused by the previous Administration, 
  • however, he was also opposed to the Russian political project of "North Stream 2" aimed at submitting Europe energetically to Russia... 

P.R. The Democrats have been accusing Donald Trump of being a Russian agent since before he was elected President and haven’t stopped for the past 4 years. They’ve accused him of treason for supposedly colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton and eventually impeached him for a call with President Zelenskyi.

All of these false accusations started from a phony “dossier” that Hillary Clinton actually paid for. The Democrats are the worst losers on the planet. They refuse to accept defeat so they continue to accuse Trump of working for Russia.

When Democrats are exposed for their illegal scandals of “pay for play”, they try to convince the American people that it’s all a complex strategy of Russian disinformation. We saw this with Hillary and her “Clinton Foundation” and now with the corrupt Biden family through Hunter Biden’s emails showing that Joe Biden not only knew but was a part of his son’s taking millions of dollars from both China and Russia. The American people now fully reject this ridiculous Russian deflection tactic and the constant corruption and  lies from the scandal-ridden Democrat Party. 

On the contrary, Donald Trump has been the major force fighting back against a radical left wing revolution in the US both domestically and in Foreign Affairs, specifically in regards to Russia.

Trump has been harder on Russia than any recent US President, doing more against Russia in less than 4 years that Biden & Obama did in 8.
Biden & Obama were too worried about provoking Putin to take the actions necessary to protect the Ukrainian people. They refused to send in military weapons to fight off the Russian threat and did nothing when Russia took over Crimea.

Trump, however, provided Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles capable of destroying Russian tanks and recently approved the sale of America’s most advanced and fastest patrol boats to counter the Russian fleet. 

Trump threatened to leave NATO unless European countries increased their defense spending resulting in an additional $130 billion increase to NATO’s defense budget and enabled Ukraine to purchase advanced military equipment from NATO and other US-allied countries.

Trump also allowed military exercises in Ukraine with NATO forces to improve integration, and expanded sanctions on Russia. All these actions enhanced Ukraine’s national security – acts that the Biden/Obama Administration was either unwilling, or too weak to take against Russia.

Trump has also consistently opposed Russian's Nord Stream 2 pipeline which will double Russian energy supply to Europe, create further dependence of Europe on Russia, and divert critical passage of energy and revenue through Ukraine.

It was Biden & Obama who accelerated the move of the US to these extreme left wing, socialist policies. Today’s radical leftist movement  believes in a bigger and bigger “Nanny Sate” and that "because of our capitalist system, the USA is basically a bad and unjust country filled with inequalities, injustices and racism that only socialist policies can transform".

This movement also is completely intolerant to any opposing views and has started a war on free speech to censure and “cancel” any opposing viewpoints, which is fully supported by the media and Social Media Tech giants.

A Biden administration would continue with Obama’s vision of  radically transforming the USA into a socialist utopian yet tyrannical state.
This sounds all too familiar to the actions of the Soviet Union throughout Eastern Europe because, in fact, it’s the same.

We are facing what many Conservatives call a “war on reality” in the USA. The Left wants Americans to believe that "it is Democrats who are fighting Russian tyranny and disinformation around the world, that Democrats are standing up to Russia and protecting Ukraine, that Democrats are the decent and tolerant ones in America and that 'progressive' Socialism is the path forward for freedom and equality".

Luckily Trump and most Americans see this false reality for what it is and the actual dangers that it brings, and support the true reality that freedom, prosperity, justice, peace and the greatness of America can only be maintained by the re-election of Donald J. Trump.

Z.W. What do you think of the European Union's attitude towards the United States?

P.R. The EU is weak. They hate Trump because he has challenged them and upset their globalist, comfortable positions. I have already spoken before about how he threatened to leave NATO unless they started building up their militaries to contribute more to NATO. European leaders actually mocked him until they saw he was serious. Then he dropped the US out of Paris, and then the Iran agreement. Then he supported BREXIT. This is all sacrilegious to the EU. Trump has been right in all his moves. The EU has to stop criticizing Trump and recognize his chievements. Many of which I have already listed throughout this interview. ISIS destruction, Middle East peace initiatives, support to Ukraine, sanctions on Russia, etc. The EU bureaucracy is the main part of the UN and the UN has become a bloated, do nothing organization that occasionally writes a stern letter and nothing else. They have become anti-democratic, anti-Semitic and dangerous.
Trump speaks to them directly and Europe hates him for it. He also calls out other ridiculous globalist organizations like the WHO. The WHO completely sided with China at the start of the COVID crisis. Actually stating that China was transparent in their communications when China was actually hiding the fact that they spread COVID to the world and were jailing scientists and researchers who were trying to speak the truth. The WHO also was against Trump's decisions to ban travel from China to the US, which saved thousands of lives. Meanwhile, the USA is by far the largest financial contributor to the WHO, not China. 

Trump is right to threaten permanent removal of the US finances until the WHO changes. Trump will always support Europe, for example on the war on Islamic terrorism and other threats, but as a good family member should do, Trump uses “tough love“ to get Europe to change. 

Z.W. Finally, a few words about yourself, Paul: do you devote all your time to the presidency of the American Republicans in France, are you paid for it, why have you accepted this mission?

P.R. I am not paid, it is all volunteer work in order to defend Conservative Principles in a left leaning country such as France. Our group is a non profit supporter of the Republican Party.
Although time consuming, it is an enjoyable mission.

I have worked in high tech business my entire life in both the US and Europe as a Marketing and Sales Leader and  Strategist. I currently provide independent Consulting.

Z.W. Thank you for devoting your precious time to the Ukrainian Strategic News Portal "Narodnyi Ohladach". Your analysis will enrich the work of our Ukraine-USA Post-Industrial Research Center aimed at deepening our strategic alliance.

Zirka Witochynska, journalist 

[email protected]

Наші інтереси: 

Our interest: better understand America.

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Submitted by Зірка Вітошинська on 29 October, 2020 - 14:28

A reposted message by Ivanna from
Sheron Smith :

"The buffoon in the White House just brokered two Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce. He has now been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by 3 separate world leaders.

The buffoon in the White House is the first president that has not engaged us in a foreign war since Eisenhower.

The buffoon in the White House promised to destroy ISIS, and kept his promise. Something Obama promised to do, but couldn’t.

The buffoon in the White House has had the greatest impact on the economy, bringing jobs, and lowering unemployment to the Black and Latino population of ANY other president. Ever!

The buffoon in the White House has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Democratic party.

The buffoon in the White House turned NATO around and had them start paying their dues.

The buffoon in the White House neutralized the North Koreans, stopped them from developing a further nuclear capability, sending missiles toward Japan, and threatening the West Coast of the US.

The buffoon in the White House repositioned our embassy to Jerusalem, something every president before him promised to do, but NEVER had the guts to do.

But for the Wuhan caused pandemic, the Buffoon in the White House has stood up to China, brought hundreds of businesses back to the US, and revived the US economy well beyond anything his predecessor thought possible…..without a “magic wand.”

The buffoon in the White House has accomplished the appointing of two Supreme Court Justices, nominated an incredibly well qualified candidate for the current SCOTUS vacancy, and will soon have placed close to 300 Federal Judges on the federal bench.

The buffoon in the White House lowered your taxes and caused your stock market to move to record levels over 100 times, positively impacting the retirements of tens of millions of citizens.

The buffoon in the White House fast-tracked the development of a COVID Vaccine - it will be available within months - we still don't have a vaccine for SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, or a host of diseases that arose during previous administrations.

The buffoon in the White House rebuilt our military which the Obama administration had crippled and had fired 214 key generals and admirals in his first year of office.

The buffoon in the White House uncovered and curtailed rampant illegal immigration and widespread sex and drug trafficking in the United States and beyond.

The buffoon in the White House works for free and has lost well over 2 billion dollars of his own money in serving - and done all of this and much more in the face of relentless undermining and opposition from people who are threatened because they know they are going to be exposed as the criminals that they are if he is re-elected.

I got it, you don't like him. How special of you. He is serving you and ALL the American people. What are you doing besides calling him names?"

Творимо разом Вільну Українську Державу Гартленд !

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Submitted by Зірка Вітошинська on 30 October, 2020 - 19:32

Forwarded Message by Ivanna Richardson from Philip Merten :

"Scroll down and pick a random line, read it, and ask yourself do you agree or disagree? Bet you won't find one you disagree with.

* Trump recently signed 3 bills to benefit Native people. One gives compensation to the Spokane tribe for loss of their lands in the mid-1900s, one funds Native language programs, and the third gives federal recognition to the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians in Montana.

* Trump finalized the creation of Space Force as our 6th Military branch.

* Trump signed a law to make cruelty to animals a federal felony so that animal abusers face tougher consequences.----

* Violent crime has fallen every year he’s been in office after rising during the 2 years before he was elected.

* Trump signed a bill making CBD and Hemp legal.----

* Trump’s EPA gave $100 million to fix the water infrastructure problem in Flint, Michigan.

* Under Trump’s leadership, in 2018 the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil.

* Trump signed a law ending the gag orders on Pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving information.

* Trump signed the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA), which includes the “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” (SESTA) which both give law enforcement and victims new tools to fight sex trafficking.----

* Trump signed a bill to require airports to provide spaces for breastfeeding Moms.

* The 25% lowest-paid Americans enjoyed a 4.5% income boost in November 2019, which outpaces a 2.9% gain in earnings for the country's highest-paid workers.

* Low-wage workers are benefiting from higher minimum wages and from corporations that are increasing entry-level pay.

* Trump signed the biggest wilderness protection & conservation bill in a decade and designated 375,000 acres as protected land.

* Trump signed the Save our Seas Act which funds $10 million per year to clean tons of plastic & garbage from the ocean.----

* He signed a bill this year allowing some drug imports from Canada so that prescription prices would go down.

* Trump signed an executive order this year that forces all healthcare providers to disclose the cost of their services so that Americans can comparison shop and know how much less providers charge insurance companies.

* When signing that bill he said no American should be blindsided by bills for medical services they never agreed to in advance.

* Hospitals will now be required to post their standard charges for services, which include the discounted price a hospital is willing to accept.

* In the eight years prior to President Trump’s inauguration, prescription drug prices increased by an average of 3.6% per year. Under Trump, drug prices have seen year-over-year declines in nine of the last ten months, with a 1.1% drop as of the most recent month.

* He created a White House VA Hotline to help veterans and principally staffed it with veterans and direct family members of veterans.----

* VA employees are being held accountable for poor performance, with more than 4,000 VA employees removed, demoted, and suspended so far.

* Issued an executive order requiring the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs to submit a joint plan to provide veterans access to access to mental health treatment as they transition to civilian life.

* Because of a bill signed and championed by Trump, In 2020, most federal employees will see their pay increase by an average of 3.1% — the largest raise in more than 10 years.

* Trump signed into a law up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave for millions of federal workers.

* Trump administration will provide HIV prevention drugs for free to 200,000 uninsured patients per year for 11 years.----

* All-time record sales during the 2019 holidays.

* Trump signed an order allowing small businesses to group together when buying insurance to get a better price----

* President Trump signed the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act that provides funding for states to develop maternal mortality reviews to better understand maternal complications and identify solutions & largely focuses on reducing the higher mortality rates for Black Americans.

* In 2018, President Trump signed the groundbreaking First Step Act, a criminal justice bill which enacted reforms that make our justice system fairer and help former inmates successfully return to society.

* The First Step Act’s reforms addressed inequities in sentencing laws that disproportionately harmed Black Americans and reformed mandatory minimums that created unfair outcomes.----

* The First Step Act expanded judicial discretion in sentencing of non-violent crimes.

* Over 90% of those benefitting from the retroactive sentencing reductions in the First Step Act are Black Americans.

* The First Step Act provides rehabilitative programs to inmates, helping them successfully rejoin society and not return to crime.

* Trump increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) by more than 14%.----

* Trump signed legislation forgiving Hurricane Katrina debt that threatened HBCUs.

* New single-family home sales are up 31.6% in October 2019 compared to just one year ago.

* Made HBCUs a priority by creating the position of executive director of the White House Initiative on HBCUs.

* Trump received the Bipartisan Justice Award at a historically black college for his criminal justice reform accomplishments.

* The poverty rate fell to a 17-year low of 11.8% under the Trump administration as a result of a jobs-rich environment.----

* Poverty rates for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans have reached their lowest levels since the U.S. began collecting such data.

* President Trump signed a bill that creates five national monuments, expands several national parks, adds 1.3 million acres of wilderness, and permanently reauthorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

* Trump’s USDA committed $124 Million to rebuild rural water infrastructure.----

* Consumer confidence & small business confidence is at an all time high.

* More than 7 million jobs created since election.

* More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history.

* More than 400,000 manufacturing jobs created since his election.

* Trump appointed 5 openly gay ambassadors.----

* Trump ordered Ric Grenell, his openly gay ambassador to Germany, to lead a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe.

* Through Trump’s Anti-Trafficking Coordination Team (ACTeam) initiative, Federal law enforcement more than doubled convictions of human traffickers and increased the number of defendants charged by 75% in ACTeam districts.

* In 2018, the Department of Justice (DOJ) dismantled an organization that was the internet’s leading source of prostitution-related advertisements resulting in sex trafficking.

* Trump’s OMB published new anti-trafficking guidance for government procurement officials to more effectively combat human trafficking.

* Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations arrested 1,588 criminals associated with Human Trafficking.

* Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services provided funding to support the National Human Trafficking Hotline to identify perpetrators and give victims the help they need.

* The hotline identified 16,862 potential human trafficking cases.

* Trump’s DOJ provided grants to organizations that support human trafficking victims – serving nearly 9,000 cases from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018.----

* The Department of Homeland Security has hired more victim assistance specialists, helping victims get resources and support.

* President Trump has called on Congress to pass school choice legislation so that no child is trapped in a failing school because of his or her zip code.----

* The President signed funding legislation in September 2018 that increased funding for school choice by $42 million.

* The tax cuts signed into law by President Trump promote school choice by allowing families to use 529 college savings plans for elementary and secondary education.----

* Under his leadership ISIS has lost most of their territory and been largely dismantled.

* ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was killed.

* Signed the first Perkins CTE reauthorization since 2006, authorizing more than $1 billion for states each year to fund vocational and career education programs.

* Executive order expanding apprenticeship opportunities for students and workers.

* Trump issued an Executive Order prohibiting the U.S. government from discriminating against Christians or punishing expressions of faith.

* Signed an executive order that allows the government to withhold money from college campuses deemed to be anti-Semitic and who fail to combat anti-Semitism.

* President Trump ordered a halt to U.S. tax money going to international organizations that fund or perform abortions.

* Trump imposed sanctions on the socialists in Venezuela who have killed their citizens.

* Finalized new trade agreement with South Korea.

* Made a deal with the European Union to increase U.S. energy exports to Europe.----

* Withdrew the U.S. from the job killing TPP deal.

* Secured $250 billion in new trade and investment deals in China and $12 billion in Vietnam.

* Okay’d up to $12 billion in aid for farmers affected by unfair trade retaliation.----

* Has had over a dozen US hostages freed, including those Obama could not get freed.

* Trump signed the Music Modernization Act, the biggest change to copyright law in decades.

* Trump secured Billions that will fund the building of a wall at our southern border.

* The Trump Administration is promoting second chance hiring to give former inmates the opportunity to live crime-free lives and find meaningful employment.

* Trump’s DOJ and the Board Of Prisons launched a new “Ready to Work Initiative” to help connect employers directly with former prisoners.----

* President Trump’s historic tax cut legislation included new Opportunity Zone Incentives to promote investment in low-income communities across the country.

* 8,764 communities across the country have been designated as Opportunity Zones.

* Opportunity Zones are expected to spur $100 billion in long-term private capital investment in economically distressed communities across the country.

* Trump directed the Education Secretary to end Common Core.------------------

* Trump signed the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund into law.

* Trump signed measure funding prevention programs for Veteran suicide.----

* Companies have brought back over a TRILLION dollars from overseas because of the TCJA bill that Trump signed.

* Manufacturing jobs are growing at the fastest rate in more than 30 years.

* Stock Market has reached record highs.

* Median household income has hit highest level ever recorded.

* African-American unemployment is at an all time low.

* Hispanic-American unemployment is at an all time low.

* Asian-American unemployment is at an all time low.

* Women’s unemployment rate is at a 65-year low.

* Youth unemployment is at a 50-year low.

* We have the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded.

* The Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to train more than 4 million Americans.

* 95 percent of U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the future— the highest ever.

* As a result of the Republican tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.----

* Record number of regulations eliminated that hurt small businesses.

* Signed welfare reform requiring able-bodied adults who don’t have children to work or look for work if they’re on welfare.----

* Under Trump, the FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in history.

* Reformed Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors 100’s of millions of $$$ this year alone.----

* Signed Right-To-Try legislation allowing terminally ill patients to try experimental treatment that wasn’t allowed before.

* Secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic.❤️❤️

* Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care.----

* U.S. oil production recently reached all-time high so we are less dependent on oil from the Middle East.

* The U.S. is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.

* NATO allies increased their defense spending because of his pressure campaign.

* Withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord in 2017 and that same year the U.S. still led the world by having the largest reduction in Carbon emissions.----

* Has his circuit court judge nominees being confirmed faster than any other new administration.

* Had his Supreme Court Justice’s Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh confirmed.

* Moved U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.----

* Agreed to a new trade deal with Mexico & Canada that will increase jobs here and $$$ coming in.

* Reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports.

* Imposed tariffs on China in response to China’s forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their chronically abusive trade practices, has agreed to a Part One trade deal with China.

* Signed legislation to improve the National Suicide Hotline.----

* Signed the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever into law, which will advance childhood cancer research and improve treatments.

* The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law by Trump doubled the maximum amount of the child tax credit available to parents and lifted the income limits so more people could claim it.

* It also created a new tax credit for other dependents.

* In 2018, President Trump signed into law a $2.4 billion funding increase for the Child Care and Development Fund, providing a total of $8.1 billion to States to fund child care for low-income families.

* The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC) signed into law by Trump provides a tax credit equal to 20-35% of child care expenses, $3,000 per child & $6,000 per family + Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow you to set aside up to $5,000 in pre-tax $ to use for child care.

* In 2019 President Donald Trump signed the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act (CARES) into law which allocates $1.8 billion in funding over the next five years to help people with autism spectrum disorder and to help their families.----

* In 2019 President Trump signed into law two funding packages providing nearly $19 million in new funding for Lupus specific research and education programs, as well an additional $41.7 billion in funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the most Lupus funding EVER.

* Another upcoming accomplishment to add: In the next week or two Trump will be signing the first major anti-robocall law in decades called the TRACED Act (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence.) Once it’s thelaw, the TRACED Act will extend the period of time the FCC has to catch & punish those who intentionally break telemarketing restrictions. The bill also requires voice service providers to develop a framework to verify calls are legitimate before they reach your phone.

* US stock market continually hits all-time record highs".

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Submitted by Зірка Вітошинська on 30 October, 2020 - 22:39

Abp. Viganò warns Trump about ‘Great Reset’ plot to ‘subdue humanity,’ destroy freedom


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It seems like black Americans' vote for Trump is steadily rising: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-10-29-31-of-black-americans-now-plan-to-vote-for-trump.html

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